Charley Meets a New Friend

by Jane Gordon

Charley the echidna thought he had learnt the ways of the wild and what to do when meeting up with strangers, but he’d never been ‘far away’ from home, or out after dark, before.

So when Joey, his young kangaroo friend, and his mother’s friend, William the wombat, took him on an adventure ‘far away,’ it was all very new to him. He learnt there were things called ‘In-Betweens’ that they had to cross and ‘Bright-Eyes’ that rushed at them when crossing.

However, this new territory brought about the biggest adventure of all…


Charley Goes Out

by Jane Gordon

When Charley was still considered a puggle (a baby echidna), his mother told him they were going to the waterhole to meet the other wild animals. Charley’s mother knew they might meet a stranger along the way and therefore needed to teach him how to keep safe. This proved more difficult than she first thought.

Find out what happens when Charley meets the two-legged strangers. Does he listen to his mother’s advice? And who is the little friend who is always watching over him?


Learn about Australian animals including the echidna and kangaroo.

About the author

Jane Gordon

Teacher/writer/actor Jane Gordon has created children’s theatre productions most of her adult life in school and outside. She has worked as an actor in film and television. Namely as an extra in The Mystery of Natalie Wood, a two-part 2004 made-for-TV biographical film directed by Peter Bogdanovich; Eastern Suburbs snob, in TV series ‘Snobs,’ and various commercials.

Jane has written three full -length feature films. ‘The Elephant Whisper,’ currently with Producer Robyn Goode from Giant Film in Cape Town, ‘The Story of Pat Thompson,’ vaudeville Jazz singer and Cool Burn.

She is currently working on ‘Lost,’ with Warren Foster Snr. In 2017 she wrote and self-published her first children’s book titled, ‘Charley Goes Out.’ She has now republished the 2nd Edition of ‘Charley Goes Out,’ along with publishing her second book titled, ‘Charley Meets a New Friend.’